Pat Higgins and Family

District 25 deserves someone to represent their interests in the Alaska House.

I have been walking through our District knocking on doors and speaking with our neighbors. Many of you know me as a member of the Abbott Loop Community Council and community patrol. Some remember my time on the Anchorage School Board from 2008 - 2017.  Consistently my neighbors and friends are clear about what is important to you:

Protect the PFD. 

  • The Permanent Fund is a key contributor to Alaska's jobs and economy.
  • Vocal resentment the PFD has been raided and capped is STRONG!

Build a long-term fiscal plan for Alaska. 

  • We must define adequate funding for essential services to meet our constitutional obligations to public safety, education, and infrastructure.

Prioritize public safety.

  • We cannot shortchange support for law enforcement and the courts and expect our citizens to have a clear sense of safety in their own community.

Quality Education with Accountability. 

  • A strong education for Alaska's students ensures a strong future for all of Alaska.
  • Quality education for students with appropriate student-teacher ratios is achievable.
  • If we hold ourselves accountable, we can do it without breaking the bank.